5/5, Brighton. Choice Cuts Label Launch @ The Volks

After starting a business cutting vinyl we have now decided to launch a label releasing the finest in drum and bass . We have many amazing releases in stall and to celebrate we bring an all star event to Brighton Volks.

Ravers and Ravettes we bring to you!!!

Kid Drama & Garvo
Data 3
The Invaderz

Tusk b2b Finstar/Angst/Trademark

Hosted by
Hijak/Kerizma/Slippy Skills/Range

Room 2
Battle of the vinyl

Section vs Trouble
Mark Dinimal vs Finstar
Kalm vs Arkitech
Murphy vs Billy Disco
Brown-e vs Knuck
Scheme vs Concoct
Jungalice vs Jungalice
Pyris vs Kosmetik


The Volks Nightclub

1-3 Madeira Drive, BN2 1PS Brighton

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