4/10, London. ‘The Heist’ with DJ Hype – an interactive party


• DJ hype & slamboree soundsystem
• 6+ hours of drum & bass, jungle & mash-up
• A series of 5 hidden chambers within the venue containing weird and wonderful characters
• Hidden chambers feature a thumping soundtrack & cast of 8 actors + puzzle-like scenarios for you to conquer – think London dungeons meets surreal nightclub!
• The experience includes a briefing with London’s most notorious gang boss, a bank vault raid & if you’re unlucky (or outsmarted) a run in with the justice system
• Noir set design + costumed dancers
• Intimate 150 capacity venue to ensure quality one-on-one interactions with the characters

Upon your arrival at the venue we encourage you to explore, relax & dance. When the time is right, you will be approached by a costumed character. This character will act as your guide, introducing you & your friends to a small crew of other guests whom you will start your adventure with.

The theatrical climax of the night takes place as your Guide leads you into a hidden series of rooms within the venue. Each room contains characters (or creatures!)
who you’ll have to interact, bargain & party with as you become a part of the story. A soundtrack operated by
a concealed DJ will accompany the experience in some rooms so you can fist pump & boogie your way throughout the mission.

The heady blend of suspense & adrenalin gives
way to euphoria as you and friends (old & new) exit the walk-through experience. The time has come to toast the nights successes and continue the party into the early hours of the morning.

Just south of the River Thames lies Colab House nightclub known by London’s underworld as a meeting hub for outlaws and misfits. The venue’s owner referred to as the King of Thieves, values discretion above all else. The King promises a safe haven for the unruly, a place where they can scheme without outside interference.

Newcomers courageous enough to enter have to earn the regulars trust by taking part in a high stakes plot; If successful they can expect a night of unbridled joys and excess. But be warned, failure may result in an encounter with the Metropolitan Police force or far worse – the wrath of the venue’s owner.

Nestled away near London Bridge Station, the club is just a stones throw away from the capital’s banking district, and the legendary Fitzroy’s Private Bank. Established in 1920, Fitzroy’s acts as a depository for London’s super-rich. Rumour has it that Fitzroy’s may also be guarding a priceless treasure, the lost Florentine Diamond.

During the grand opening, the bank’s founder Mr Fitzroy stated that his vault was ‘unbreakable’ and ‘any fools who even dream of stealing from Fitzroy’s must be either drunk, mad or both’. Such a boastful comment was bound to pique the interest of an unsavoury crowd. After all, the characters at King of Thieves club love a challenge as much as they do a party…

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Colab House
55 Southwark St, London SE1 1RU, United Kingdom

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