4/10, London. Rave For The Rainforest @ Five Miles

The Amazon rainforest, so-called lungs of the world and home to millions of species and indigenous people, is currently being devastated by fire to make way for mining and agriculture.

How the world responds to this wanton destruction will surely come to mean everything in the fight against climate breakdown. Right now, it means the world to the people and endangered species whose immediate existence the fires threaten.

But if you, like us, believe in the healing power of music and dance, you can come and join us at Five Miles on Friday 4 October and rave for the rainforest.

We’re very pleased to have assembled a two-room affair with Dark Sky at the top of the bill. Dark Sky, longstanding fixtures on MODESELEKTOR (OFFICIAL SITE)’s Monkeytown Records, hold a special place in our hearts after a fantastic set at Dance for Refuge’s 2017 collaboration with Lucid at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

They are joined by eclectic selectors Louise Chen – globe-trotting regular on Rinse France and NTS Radio, Sounds of the Universe’s Poly-Ritmo, disco queen Lucid Stannard, and Touching Bass’s Errol Anderson.

Also featuring are rising deep house duo Kassian, local DJ Binks, Nicky Soft Plates of Foot Long Fun Plates, and Hugo Mari, who last year scored a release on Heist Records with the excellent Change Ur Ways EP.

100% of the proceeds will go to Rainforest Action Network’s Protect An Acre project – which provides grants to 150 frontline communities, Indigenous-led organisations, and allies, helping their efforts to secure protection for millions of acres of traditional territory in forests around the world. This is the most effective method of protecting the rainforests as it goes directly to the frontline communities fighting to stop the destruction.

So come have a dance and help us raise some rainforest-rescuing cash in the process.


Five Miles

39b Markfield Road, N15 4QA London, United Kingdom

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