3/11, Manchester. Hyperstition @ Eastern Bloc



Hyper-connected, always-on, fibre-optic. 24-7 data flows of money, media, and culture. No need to pay , no need to wait, with the microcosms of old dead in the water.

Technology has revolutionised the curation of culture and turned the pursuit of the DJ into a rhizomatic voyage through and over genre boundaries, with our apocalyptic climate truly tearing the veil from all siloes and letting loose all frequencies .

The dancer becomes a conduit for the download of data into the cultural mainframe, catalysing subversionary forces in the cybernetic loops of society. The individual becomes a locus for the transfer of data, extending the internet into the concrete experience of here and now.

On 3rd November, Eastern Bloc plays host to uninterrupted transmissions from the hardcore continuum with Ronin Ordinance boss man Chimera, alongside BeeSide, and the artist sometimes known as Draze. Expect unspeakable rhythms arriving machinically from the future – but most of all, expected the unexpectable.

At Hyperstition, engender apocalyptic positive feedback cycles; spiral upward by having forward-thinking fun.

Eastern Bloc Records
5a Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1DN

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