27/7, Hemel Hempstead. No Faking Garden Party No.5


Special Guest: Slimzee
Lisa Maffia
Uncle Dugs
No Faking DJs
MC Vapour
Ragga Twinz
Vinny P

Previous guests include Rinse FM’s Uncle Dugs along side The Ragga Twins, Dubstep Pioneer Heny G, Nicky Blackmarket, Garage lyrical genius MC Vapour and Garage DJ & Producer Scott Garcia as well as offering the opportunity to showcase some of the incredible talent the UK has to offer.


No Faking Garden party has always been about uniting the community with the power of music in an intimate setting. Our aim is to provide our friends, family and everyone who joins us the quality of your favourite DJs/Artists without having to travel into London to see them.

With the first launch of No Faking Garden Party 5 years ago, this Summer 2019 is set to reveal the best one yet.

This party originates from our desire to demonstrate the big production and dance vibes loved by all, as you can see throughout our previous events.

Share the event page so that others get the opportunity to enjoy the BIGGEST dance event Hemel Hempstead has to offer in 2019.

Introducing new and pioneering sounds from upcoming artists from the local area as well as world renowned acts.


The Red Lion
The Red Lion, Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead HP3 9TD

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