23/3, Manchester. Kodiak X Flexout Audio

Kodiak Productions X Flexout Audio

Kodiak invite one of the U.K’s most exciting DnB labels for a night of blistering bass lines brought to you by only the finest DJ’s handpicked by this serious label.

The night will take you on a journey through all types of DnB on the infamous Void Acoustics sound system in one of the U.K.s best venues.

This is seriously not one to miss, and will come with a selection of Manchester debut’s including a LIVE performance.

You have ONE WEEK to grab your early birds before we start announcing the lineup and the tickets go up. We sold out of super early birds in just under a week because people have already started to understand that when Kodiak shows up, so do the drums.

If you come down to the woods, be prepared for big surprise… ;)



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