22/6, Live Stream. Threads*Windrush Takeover – in aid of Windrush Justice Fund


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Recent events have made crystal clear a fact that is very much known to the Black community – racism is alive and kicking with no signs of stopping. Many of us in the UK think this is a state-side problem. The UK however is not innocent….
The UK is in the midst of a national scandal. Hundreds of UK nationals who arrived in the UK as British nationals during the post-war Windrush era to rebuild our country, many who have only known Britain as their home, have been wrongfully deported. This issue has separated families and thrown its victims’ lives into disarray.

We invite everyone to tune into a Windrush Day Takeover. Streaming LIVE from The Cause, Tottenham and broadcast over Threads Radio, Threads*Windrush will broadcast for 15 hours, through from 09:00-01:00!

It will feature an inter-generational collaboration of some of the city’s most talented and influential DJs and MCs, voices from local BAME queer performers and poetry from elders of the Windrush generation as well as Year 6 children of Afro-Caribbean background the London Borough of Hackney plus its surroundings. The program will celebrate Caribbean and black contributions to music and culture, whilst uplifting and amplifying local black voices and artists.

Stream with us in support of WINDRUSH JUSTICE NOW. The day aims to raise money and awareness for Windrush Justice Fund which helps those affected by the Windrush scandal with legal and financial support. If you can, please donate here —> JustGiving
More information on the JCWI and their activities can be found here: https://www.jcwi.org.uk/windrushjusticefund

Logo by Toby Attril.
Artwork by Trav Whardle.

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