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Science Helsinki Podcast #18

Science Hki #18 – Vvr

01 big bud : source of inspiration – paradox music
02 future bound : sorrow – skanna
03 jlm productions : no appreciation – reinforced records
04 alaska seba : back from eternity – arctic music
05 edward oberon : noir – 31 records
06 st. files : moods – soul:r
07 london elektricity : this dark matter – hospital
08 alaska : ultramundane – vibez
09 density : night falls – punctured light
10 leon switch : no more answers – defcom records
11 nether : deep echo – 31 records
12 kirsty hawkshaw : night theme (paradox remix) – paradox music

audio/mpeg iconsciencehki_podcast_18.m4a


Fracture and Neptune have been working on their sound for 11 years now, and to celebrate that they have compiled a retrospective album to showcase what they have been doing together. It’s a 18 track digital album with all the tunes digitally remastered by Bob Macc and contains some classic FN tracks like Too Doggone Funky, Colemanism and their first release, Deadlands as well as some previously unreleased and some brand new beats.

Release date end of May 2011 with a limited edition sampler 12″ with hand printed and individually numbered artwork. This LP is must buy. Seriously.

More info at the Astrophonica website

Retrospect LP – A Decade Of Fracture Neptune [exclusive clips] by Fracture And Neptune

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