13/10, London. State of Unrest x Construct Sound Presents… London Music Conference


DC Breaks [RAM]
The Panacea [PRSPCT]
Droptek [Monstercat]
Darkstep Warrior
Ancient Radius [Baromar & Mr. Multiplex] [ Blackout / Nexus Events / Korsakov Music]
RK9 [Construct Sound]
Monkey Madness [State of Unrest / Visual Cortex]
Drum Syndrome [Construct Sound]

Hosts: Carasel MC & MC Akespeare [AFT]

The debut event of the “London Music Conference – LMC” will take place in the beautiful city of London, in honour of this and in celebration of our partnership State of Unrest & Construct Sound will give a massive Drum and Bass party in the Oval Space. Featuring AFT and artists such as DC Breaks, Panacea and Droptek

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– State of Unrest –
State of Unrest embodies the arts of DnB in its purest form. State of Unrest tries to create more than just a musical experience every event again, by challenging itself and its visitors on many different levels, and evolving and broadening our view on music. State of Unrest formal events hosted artists like; General Levy, Nymfo, T & Sugah, Karimooo, Banganagangbangers, Monkey Madness, Minzo, Multiplex MC, Dapper MC and many more.

– Construct Sound –
Construct Sound exists solely for the growth of culture, it’s about helping people personally develop their skills and most of all it’s about promoting good music in as many forms as we can represent in as many places as possible.
It’s aim is to build a network so vast and expansive, filled with many communities from around the world. Why? Because with such vast differences in the lives people are experiencing it knows it can start to make things in the spirit of collaboration, things that have never been witnessed before.

– LMC –
Discover new talent and learn more about the labels behind them! In addition to mind-blowing and memorable club nights it will also be a stage (literally) to profile uprising and established artists and releases. London Music Conference aims to turn the spotlight back on for the key element of music conferences, which has fallen a bit into the shadow of networking, partying and ‘rushing from one event to another’: The music.

Oval Space
29-32 The Oval; Bethnal Green; London E2 9DT; United Kingdom

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