12/7, London. Diggin In The Crates @ Bar 512

DJ’s/MC’s on the night will be

Fierce (90 minutes Set)
Billy Disco
Jesse Writes

Future music constructed from the ghosts of past grooves, there is something in the soul of drum and bass that has always transcended the sum of its parts.

Born in the fearless crucible of hardcore, stripped back to it’s stark and unrelenting blueprint through the heat of the jungle and driven forward by an unrelenting appetite for adaptation, it is a dance floor expression of musical possibility.

Shaped by its elements and unchanging, familiar yet in flux, it is a continuum of restless creativity. It is this that drives us, that brings us together, that lies at the heart of what this group is.

It is why we are here.

This is the legacy we look to carry forward.

£8 / £10 / £15 otd

Tickets available HERE

512 London

512 Kingsland High Road, E8 4AE London, United Kingdom

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