20/9, Brighton. 25 Years of Metalheadz @ The Arch

Line Up:

Ant TC1 (90 min Continuum set)
Grey Code

Hosted by..

Visionobi / Deefa MC

+ support

Side Effects

Room 2: Delirium Sessions UK

Line up tba…

Strictly 18+


Biz E Productions & Motive Sessions invite one of the most iconic Drum & Bass labels in the game, ‘Metalheadz’ to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Established in 1994 by drum and bass pioneers Goldie, with help from legends DJ Storm and Kemistry, the label soon became an unstoppable front liner in drum and bass music and remains so today,
boasting talent such as Randall, Lenzman and Artificial Intelligence on its impressive artist roster.

Join us at The Arch on September 20th as we invite some of the most prolific Metalheadz artists down for what’s set to be an unforgettable 25th anniversary.

The Arch

187-190, BN1 1NB Brighton

20/9, London. Fridays At Egg: Harry Shotta x Xyphon: Year of the Lyricist Showcase


DJ Guv
Logan D
Sub Zero
Ego Trippin

Hosted by MC

Harry Shotta


Recognized as one of the most gifted, prolific and versatile MCs in the UK, Harry Shotta heads up our Friday night session on 20th September.

Following a meteoric rise to the top in the UK DnB scene, Shotta has won multiple awards, appeared regularly on BBC Radio 1, toured the globe and even written a book – the man is unstoppable.

Marking the launch of his EP ‘Year of the Lyricist’, Harry has invited a plethora of hugely respected names to take part in the launch, counting DJ Guy, Logan D, Subzero, Ruffstuff, Ego Trippin and Complex.

On MC duties, Harry himself will raise the roof no doubt, with the help of some familiar names on the scene Skibadee, Eksman, Shabba, IC3 and Phantom.

An unmissable night for DnB heads across the city.

Egg London is a strictly 19+ venue. Club scan is now installed in the venue at the front door, which means everyone attending Egg must have a valid form of photo ID to present to be scanned on entry. The accepted forms of ID are: unexpired passport, driving license, provisional driving license, photo cards featuring the pass hologram. Photocopies, photos or screenshots of IDs are not accepted.

Egg London
200 York Way; Kings Cross; London N7 9AP; United Kingdom

4/10, London. ‘The Heist’ with DJ Hype – an interactive party


• DJ hype & slamboree soundsystem
• 6+ hours of drum & bass, jungle & mash-up
• A series of 5 hidden chambers within the venue containing weird and wonderful characters
• Hidden chambers feature a thumping soundtrack & cast of 8 actors + puzzle-like scenarios for you to conquer – think London dungeons meets surreal nightclub!
• The experience includes a briefing with London’s most notorious gang boss, a bank vault raid & if you’re unlucky (or outsmarted) a run in with the justice system
• Noir set design + costumed dancers
• Intimate 150 capacity venue to ensure quality one-on-one interactions with the characters

Upon your arrival at the venue we encourage you to explore, relax & dance. When the time is right, you will be approached by a costumed character. This character will act as your guide, introducing you & your friends to a small crew of other guests whom you will start your adventure with.

The theatrical climax of the night takes place as your Guide leads you into a hidden series of rooms within the venue. Each room contains characters (or creatures!)
who you’ll have to interact, bargain & party with as you become a part of the story. A soundtrack operated by
a concealed DJ will accompany the experience in some rooms so you can fist pump & boogie your way throughout the mission.

The heady blend of suspense & adrenalin gives
way to euphoria as you and friends (old & new) exit the walk-through experience. The time has come to toast the nights successes and continue the party into the early hours of the morning.

Just south of the River Thames lies Colab House nightclub known by London’s underworld as a meeting hub for outlaws and misfits. The venue’s owner referred to as the King of Thieves, values discretion above all else. The King promises a safe haven for the unruly, a place where they can scheme without outside interference.

Newcomers courageous enough to enter have to earn the regulars trust by taking part in a high stakes plot; If successful they can expect a night of unbridled joys and excess. But be warned, failure may result in an encounter with the Metropolitan Police force or far worse – the wrath of the venue’s owner.

Nestled away near London Bridge Station, the club is just a stones throw away from the capital’s banking district, and the legendary Fitzroy’s Private Bank. Established in 1920, Fitzroy’s acts as a depository for London’s super-rich. Rumour has it that Fitzroy’s may also be guarding a priceless treasure, the lost Florentine Diamond.

During the grand opening, the bank’s founder Mr Fitzroy stated that his vault was ‘unbreakable’ and ‘any fools who even dream of stealing from Fitzroy’s must be either drunk, mad or both’. Such a boastful comment was bound to pique the interest of an unsavoury crowd. After all, the characters at King of Thieves club love a challenge as much as they do a party…

Tickets and information

Tickets from RA

Colab House
55 Southwark St, London SE1 1RU, United Kingdom

Behind The Label: Unbeatable Music

Hey Unbeatable Music – Thanks for chatting with us!

Who are involved with the label?

Adrien (Manager), Odile (Financial manager), Erwann and Ilsen (Strategy advisors), Thibault and Lucile (Graphic design). This is the core of the team but we got a lot of partners around us who got an important relationship with the label. We also got a network of friends, DJs, recording studio, label managers, distributors and vinyl shops who give a lot of advice to help to improve the project.

How and why did this label get started?

How? Just need to put the money in! Also you need to be strategic to get an impact. Why? It’s like a feeling.. Something missing in my life. I searched for a long time what it was and I’m sure I found it now. I needed something to highlight and elevate drum&bass! I needed a name, a logo, a serious and professional project to say: ‘Hey people, have a look!’ Make people dreaming & dancing, that’s my goal!! That makes me fully happy! One of the bigger reason is to produce vinyl and protect the practice of mixing vinyl. Some people ask me why I’m releasing vinyl if the bigger label like RAM Records almost stopped producing vinyl this year.. My answer is simple; if a specie of an animal is disappearing, some people will fight to save this specie, right? I’m probably an utopianist but I want to do the same for vinyl! We can still see some DJs mixing pure jungle on vinyl! Some artists like Alix Perez (1958 Music), Lenzman (The North Quarter), Kasra (Critical), London Electricity (Hospital) are keeping the vinyl right? Life is too short to not fight for what you love… Today I’m the only french dnb label doing this fight for vinyl and I hope I will do it as long as possible.

What’s your background in the dnb scene?

I used to teach music in three different schools in Preston, close to Manchester, for a couple of years. I used to have a web radio channel called Loud on Vmix.fm. My channel was specialised in bass music. I organised a lot of music events in England & France. This label is a logic continuation of all that.

Do you produce music yourself or are you finding music to release?

Firstly I’m a strictly vinyl DJ, I never mix any digital music and I refuse to do it! It’s like refusing to eat meat when you are a vegetarian, it’s just my rule! I don’t tell everyone to do the same but I tell everyone to respect my philosophy! People don’t understand and argue with me sometimes. It’s about the roots of the DJ culture and the massive respect I have for music. I think
music is the best thing in my life and I don’t mind to pay over 10€ to get my record.. The hard drive kill your music over time but your vinyl will be with you all your life. Also, I get upset listening to people saying that ‘DJs are jokers, they do nothing behind their desks’… I just want to tell them: take these vinyls, try to mix it and we can learn together. Secondly, I produce music on Ableton Live! I still miss technics but I got the vibe.. 

Fortunately I got help but I really need to improve it and I know it’s a loooong way. Today you can listen and watch the video of my first tune Quasar. This tune is on the side B of the first release of Unbeatable Music.

Ad Loud – Quasar

I’m finding music too, for example The Caracal Project who is on the side A with the track Skippin’. Behind this kind of cat is Felix, he is very smart, I think he is a prodigy! He is ready to catch the big stage now. His music has been played on Noisia Radio several times and also on BBC Radio One dnb show with Rene Lavice… His tunes has been played by a lot of great artists like Ed Rush and Phace. You can listen to a lot of his tunes on Skank & Bass if you want to..

The Caracal Project – Skippin’

How do you find artists?

I got a profile on www.soonvibes.com Also I like to receive a private Soundcloud link from artists! The idea is to make sure I’m the first listener and the tune is not published in public. This is very important.. I would like to chase the gold tunes but I don’t have a lot of time at the moment unfortunately, the distribution and promotion take a lot of time.. Anyway I prefer the quality and not the quantity so I will take time to find some tunes for the next release. I don’t want a basic label and releasing one EP per month but I’m looking for a nice quality with a large offer like music video & nice gigs.

What has been the hardest part to run a label?

Money and time! If you don’t have money – forget the project and if you don’t have time is the same. It’s very expensive especially for me because I’m making vinyl. To start a label you need to invest all your time to run everything properly. So if you have a full time job in addition you can’t make a label and if you get a part time job forget sport and say good bye to your friends (except music friends of course)… If you have the time and money, then you can run your own label.

What has been the best part?

The best part is the pleasure you got when you watch your first music video or when you touch physically your own vinyl for the first time. ‘It’s Magic’… Also people are grateful about what you are doing for the movement.

How does the future look like for Unbeatable music?

That’s the best question ever! Obviously, an amazing future but I can’t tell you why. I’m working on a secret project which I’m not 100% sure about and it’s important to keep the secret and work on a strategy to give the message in the best moment. I got everything I need to do it.

How would you describe the sound of Unbeatable Music?

All sort of dnb! Old school to new school, darkness to melodic, underground to mainstream!! Drum & Bass broke the codes and mixed all kinds of influences with its rhythm, it’s why I love this music! If I would describe it in two words, I want to say: Open Mind.

What’s next?

Massive distribution for the first EP half September and preparation of the selection of artists for the second EP for this winter. Also I’m working on music video and a big gig for September 2020.
Stay tunes guys!

Any famous last words?

Music is the key of humanity! (I’m too philosophic, I know :D)

You can follow Unbeatable Music on SoundCloud, Facebook & Instagram and buy music on vinyl & digital on Discogs & BandCamp

13/9, London. Fabriclive: 15 years of Viper, Biological Beats & Rough Tempo

Room One: 15 years of Viper Recordings

Matrix & Futurebound
Phantasy B2B TC
Dossa & Locuzzed
Ekko & Sidetrack
Giganti B2B Jack Mirror
Hosted by:
Miss Trouble

Room Two: 15 years of Biological Beats

360 Showcase (Nicky Blackmarket, Fatman D & Profile)
Sub Zero & Limited
Traumatize & Ky
Liz-E & Lady V Dubz
Puppetz & Klip & Outlaw
Telekom & Flat-T
Hosted by:
Ragga Twins
Impact & Kuedon
Danja MC

Room Three: Rough Tempo Takeover

Arry H & Jessie Jo
Jaycee & Richie Weaver
Monk Audio Showcase
Madman & Faze
Inforce & Critical D
J-Double & Mada
Hosted by:
Ridikule & Grafta

Viper Recordings and Biological Beats celebrate 15 years at the forefront of drum & bass, while leading radio outlet Rough Tempo charge Room Three.

Viper celebrate their landmark anniversary in Room One. Label founder Futurebound is joined by his longstanding partner in the studio and behind the decks, Matrix. The duo bring a serving a full-throttle dancefloor-driven D&B, backed by another of the imprint’s key figures, Insideinfo. Also joining the bill for a series of special side-by-sides exploring the full weight of 170BPM territory are Phantasy and TC, Dossa and Locuzzed, Ekko and Sidetrack, plus Giganti and Jack Mirror. The bill is finally rounded off by Millbrook, while LowQui, Rhymestar and Miss Trouble all handle mic duties.

Room Two is a strictly high-energy affair with Biological Beats. Pioneers of the scene Nicky Blackmarket, Fatman D and Profile link up to present their 360 Showcase, plus Farringdon regulars Voltage, Sub Zero & Limited, and Brockie all make their returns. Also going head-to-head on the night are Traumatize and Ky, Liz-E and Lady V Dubz, Puppetz, Klip and Outlaw, and Telekom and Flat-T. A batch of the sound’s most prized MCs drop by for hosting: Trigga, IC3, Ragga Twins, Carasel, Impact, Kuedon and Danja MC.

Rough Tempo take over Room Three. The long-running radio station has been a vital outlet for some of the most promising new names in drum & bass over the last decade, and for their showcase with us, they welcome a string of exciting talents looking towards the genre’s future. Monk Audio present their own showcase, plus a number of EC1 debutants go back-to-back: Arry H and Jessie Jo, Jaycee and Richie Weaver, Madman and Faze, Inforce and Critical D, J-Double and Mada. Ridikule and Grafta handle the mic to round off a night combining the very best in classic and upfront drum & bass fare.

FABRICLIVE – The Home of UK Underground Music.

Advance tickets: These are valid all night and give priority entry until 1am. If you arrive after 1am you will be asked to queue with non-ticket holders.

fabric is an over 19s venue
Please remember to bring ID with you. No ID, no Entry.
fabric operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.



77a Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HJ London

18/10, London. Dnb Allstars @ E1


8 hour rave spread across 2 warehouse rooms.

DnB Allstars presents….



Event sign up

Dnb Allstars x


E1 London
110 Pennington Street, Wapping, London E1W 2BB

23/11, London. Benny L – Reactions Album Tour @ The Steel Yard

Benny L – Reactions Album Tour – London

Powered by Breakin Science & AudioPorn Records

I’m really proud to announce that I will be touring my ’Reactions’ album on select dates across the UK
I’ll be curating the line-ups as well as showcasing my album on these very special nights

The London show will be held at the prestigious Steel Yard with Breakin Science & Audioporn Records!!

I can’t wait to see your #Reactions its gunna be Special 🎉🎉
Line up coming soon..


The Steel Yard

13-16 Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UL London, United Kingdom

12/10, London. Faster – DnB Warehouse Rave

After a short summer break Faster DNB are back at The Steel Yard – London’s best Drum & Bass venue.

We are itching to get back on that sound system!





The Steel Yard
13-16 Allhallows Lane, EC4R 3UL London

25/8, London. Liquid on the Thames – The DnB Summer Boat Party

🚢 Liquid Drum & Bass Boat Party on the Thames 🚢

⬇️🌊LINE UP 🌊⬇️

COMMIX (Metalheadz)

Splinter B2B CL:19 (Grand Unified Themes – GUT)
Biz E Productions (Maximous)

Glorious is back for the August Bank Holiday weekend with another of our famous Boat Parties. Following our UK Garage boat in May we are back with a monster Liquid Drum & Bass line up.

3 years of sold out boat parties we invite you again to come and get wavey.

We always have a far higher demand than tickets available so tickets for this event will sell out extremely quickly.

The flavour of the day is Liquid DnB to bring the summer vibes as we take you from Tower Bridge, to Westminster and back over 3 hours.

The ultimate way to get your august bank holiday kicking.

This event is 18+ only.


Tower Millenium Pier, London, EC3N 4, United Kingdom

8/11, London. FABRICLIVE: A.M.C Pres. Energy with Rockwell, Jubei & More

Room One: A.M.C pres. Energy

A.M.C (Exclusive 3 Hour Set — Last Hour B2B Surprise Guest)
Rene LaVice B2B Brookes Brothers
Rockwell B2B Signal
Hosted by:
MC Phantom

Room Two:

Concord Dawn
DJ Die
Klute – Official
Dogger & Mindstate
Hosted by:
Ben Verse

A.M.C presents Energy. We’ve become well accustomed to the UK heavyweight’s drum & bass tearouts at FABRICLIVE, and this time he prepares to debut his leading showcase in Room One. The Titan boss lands for a 3-hour set, with a very special guest set to join him for the final stretch. Rene LaVice and Brookes Brothers also pair up to explore every angle of dancefloor-driven 170BPM fare. Shogun Audio’s modern tech specialist also links with Dutch neurofunk talent Signal, while AC13, QZB and S9 join to round off what should be another full-throttle Room One session. IC3, Phantom, 2Shy and Codebreaker step in to take on hosting.

In Room Two, we take things on a heady tip with a cast of the scene’s long-time favourites. Metalheadz mainstay Jubei brings his signature rolling style back to the space, flanked by Uprising founders, Concord Dawn. We also welcome two of drum & bass’ key pioneers who’ve had a long history with us at FABRICLIVE, DJ Die and Klute. Dogger + Mindstate and Tyrone also join us for the first time, while the bill is rounded off by an artist known for championing his own strain of dark minimal, our own Mark Dinimal. SP:MC, Ben Verse and Mantmast take over the mic to complete a bill perfectly suited to our Room Two space.

FABRICLIVE – The home of UK underground music.

Tickets are available via RA now

fabric is an over 19s venue
Please remember to bring ID with you. No ID, no Entry.
fabric operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.


77a Charterhouse St,, EC1M 6HJ London

10/10, London. Skankandbass @ Corsica Studios



Skankandbass London
Thursday 10th October
Corsica Studios
21:00 – 02:00 (Last entry 00:00)


Corsica Studios


16/8, London. Broken Sonics 2019 @ Corsica Studios



It’s that time again: August, Corsica, and Broken20’s annual two-room, multi-genre rinse-out, featuring all your favourite DJs, live acts, a/v abstractionists and soundsystem troublemakers, for whatever you choose to pay ont’ door.

Headlining, and guaranteeing all kru maximum peaktime funtimes, is a man we can’t stop booking: Equinox (‘cus he’s the best DJ in town). He’ll be playing everything but jungle for this one (ha), which means ravey rollers, tekky stompers, hardkore bleepers and, of course, 2-step bubblers, from one-two-oh 2 one-four-five, for those who know and those who don’t give a f*ck. Not to be missed. Joining him at the dex, Synkro – responsible for one of 2019’s standout electronic long-players – trips down from Manchester for an extended session on *that* rig (room 2 innit), dropping ambient, house, techno, garage, nu-school D&B and old-school IDM (and nex-lev mashups thereof), just the way we like it. Era-exploring ex-Colonist CB kicks off, while co-hosts and comrades-in-wax Tengui and Handsfree close out, dropping everything you need in you know what (clue: You Don’t Know).

Over in room 1, the man making perhaps the freshest, freakiest bass music around rn, Sully, returns to Corsica on the back of a bruising Rupture set, with freedom to play as he pleases – which means genres shredded and new a-holes torn, basically (check his last few 12s if you don’t believe). Up on stage, London Modular Alliance will be similarly ruff n’ ready, but also deep, locked and grooving, bringing boxes and wires galore down from their Hackney Wick bunker (and shop) for an all-new, 100% live-and-improvised public address, hot on the heels of Freerotation. Before all that, we’ve got additional live electronix, of the a/v variety, from London’s Bruised Skies and Moon Zero, whose dark, dank Inchindown PA was a highlight of last year’s Misc. room-host, while Glasgow’s finest, TVO and Production Unit, drop tunes (drone, haus, tekno, bass – you know the drill) and generate vibes in inimitable soft-but-tuff, subtle-but-brutal B20 fashion, with added booth-based live manoeuvres from the latter. Misc. DJs get the whole shebang going, on a strictly anything-goes (except requests) tip, so expect all manner of VIP oddities and artkore anthemz to fire you up as yr beers (etc) go down.

We love putting these things on – always alongside the good people of Corsica, in fully DIY fashion, for love not lucre – and trust you dig our steez: no messing Funktion-One raving, abstract electronics and everything in between, from dusk till dawn, for whatever you feel like paying. There’s really no better sitch to bust out those XXXtrafresh dance moves you’ve been preparing for the summer, is there? You know that, and so do we.


Corsica Studios