Weekend Planner

The weekend has finally landed and here are some suggestions of good nights for all you dnb heads.



Liquid V Presents Basement Funk @ Plan B, Basement. Bryan Gee, Paul SG, Dave Owen, Furney, Jordan V. Tickets from £8.

Exit vs Metalheadz @ Studio Spaces E1. Alix Perez, Ant Dispatch Recordings, Calibre, Chimpo, DBridge, DLR, DOC SCOTT, Dom & Roland, Dub Phizix, Danny Fierce, Flight, Fracture, Goldie, Halogenix, Jubei, Klute, Lenzman, Loxy, Om Unit, DJ Randall, Skeptical, Source Direct, Storm, Stray, Ulterior Motive + more. Tickets from £24.18

Shut That Sh*t Down Deeper @ Rhythm Factory. Fabio, Grooverider + more. Tickets from £10.


Critical Sound @ Thekla. Kasra, Ivy Lab, Foreign Concept + more. Tickets from £10.


Siren @ The Volks. Spirit, Bladerunner, Genotype, Denial (interview & guest mix) + more. £7 before midnight.

LTJ Bukem, Aquasky, B’KA @ Komedia. SOLD OUT but limited tickets £14 OTD



Serotone Presents ProgRAM @ The Volks. Mind Vortex, Stealth, Chords, Ray Rampage + more. Tickets from £5.


Relapse @ Sound Control. Ed Rush, Icicle, Break + more. Tickets from £15.


Break Thru @ The Custard Factory. Dub Phizix & Strategy, Nu:Tone + more. 

Stay safe and have a good one!

22/11, Birmingham. Break Thru @ The Custard Factory

Break Thru presents

Dub Phizix & STRATEGY

Nu:Tone – Hospital – Future History LP Tour

Focuz / Citrus / Soul Deep / Phuzion


Room 2 hosted by
Listening Sessions



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TONIGHT, Brighton. LTJ Bukem, Aquasky, B’KA @ Komedia

Loopmasters Presents: In The Loop Drum and Bass special coming this November.

A special drum & Bass session at the Komedia main space this November featuring LTJ Bukem, a DJ, artist and musician whose name is synonymous with the rise of hardcore, jungle, and drum & bass music.

Loopmasters own B’Ka will be kicking off the night with laid back drum & bass sounds and jungle rhythms.

Aquasky will be playing a range of drum & bass classics including a range of his own superb genre specific works.

LTJ Bukem & goodlooking records will finish off this special event with a 2 hour set of the very best in modern drum & bass!

Tickets on sale NOW!


44 Gardner Street, BN1 1UN Brighton

Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix: Denial Siren Audio

Denial is one of the latest breakthroughs into Drum & Bass.
Denial has produced with Spirit, Chris Inperspective, DBR UK, Andy Skopes and Pennygiles.
Releases back in 2012 on Asbo Records was the beginning of a big musical journey for Denial.
Denials had support from the likes of Marcus Intalex, BTK, June Miller plus many more.
Denial is also known for his fundraising events which he participates in for a great cause.

Hey Denial,

This year has been a very busy one for you, from D&B releases to charity work.
How do you find the time to sit in the studio for music production?

Juggling time can be hard sometimes but I put aside three evenings a week for production, everything else works around that. 2014 has been a very hectic year but also very rewarding. I’ve managed to raise nearly £3000 so far for Myeloma UK along with having music signed to some of the biggest labels in Drum & Bass, to finish the year off I also decided the time was right to set up my own record label, Siren Audio.

2014 has seen some great line-ups at d&b nights. What would be your dream line-up at an event?

I think there is to much emphasis on big name DJ’s, there is a huge amount of talent with regards to production and mixing; my ideal lineup would consist of a number of DJ’s I had never heard before but would be playing on a heavy sound system something which the emphasis isn’t put on these days but if you insist on a dream line-up it would consist of, Audio, Mampi Swift, Ed Rush, Goldie, Fabio and LTJ Bukem.

Drum+Basics have seen you at a few events this year. Do you prefer to attend D&B events as a fan/raver or when you are djing?

I still get really excited before performing a set out so I would have to say as a DJ. I would like to get the time to attend more events as a raver but sadly I simply don’t have the time too. I do try my hardest to attend the Dispatch events when I can and also Rupture with my girlfriend when there on. Once in a blue moon I’ll see an event on which will grab my attention and I’ll drop everything to attend but this is a rarity.

What’s been your biggest achievement of 2014?

Having music signed to some of the most prestigious labels in Drum & Bass this year has been immensely gratifying and has left me feeling greatly appreciated. I hope 2015 continues where this year has left off and keep this positive momentum running.

We know that you’ve collabed with some top quality producers in past years. What’s in the pipeline for 2015?

Well a lot of time spent working alone for the start of the new year for me. I’ve already finished two solo tracks this year that I’m very happy with so hopefully will see these released early next year. I have tracks started with Spirit that need to be finished and also an E.P thats been started with Tidal all of which will be released in the beginning of 2015. I started something with Ruffstuff which will be different from both of us which I’m excited about finishing, I think people will be impressed and shocked at the prospect of the pair of us teaming up in the studio together as we both play and make such different styles but it’s a winning combination I can assure you.

We have seen you’ve decided to start your own record label up and also seen the positive response that it’s received, tell us a little bit about that?

Siren Audio was my plan from the the very start. I’ve been running the event Siren coming up 5 years now and always intended to run a label alongside it. The artists I’ve had performing for me over the years are the producers I will have releasing on Siren Audio, I’ve engineered it this way to keep Siren tight like a family unit. The music I’ve got set to be released is incredible and has received a lot of attention from all the right people so I know I’m on to a great thing. The first release from Haunt will be coming out on the 24th November exclusively on Juno so make sure you go and get your copy. I can tell you that there are E.P’s from Chris Inperspective, Rune & Kaiza, Manifest, DJ E and Skitty all set for release along with remixes from Philth so exciting times ahead.

Many Thanks Denial.

Here is an exclusive guest mix for Drum+Basics!

Exclusive Interview: Acetate Series:One.

This week Manchester is in for a treat.
Heres a quick Interview and more information about the event.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Series:One and I am a DnB DJ/promoter, sound engineer and masters student based in Manchester.

Manchester at present has some great drum and bass club nights.
What will your new night bring to the city?

It definitely does. I’d like to think I’ll be bringing a breath of fresh air to the city with Acetate. I love the deep rolling 2-step tech and there isn’t enough of it in Manchester (in my opinion anyways haha), so I’ll be looking to push that side of DnB up here. Obviously the night is vinyl focused, so I’m hoping that people out there will appreciate and connect with that angle as well!

Do you feel that you are competing with other promotors in the city?

I think I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t competing with any of the other promoters. But that’s the nature of the game I guess. What I love about DnB is that it’s not about who you are, it’s about the music and how people connect with that music, so the competition doesn’t really phase me personally.

Why did you want to start a drum and bass night?

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a good few years now, but have never really had the cash to do so until recently. I also wanted to do it as a way to get myself on the map, to show people I’m not messing about and to show Manchester what I think the city is missing out on, DnB spectrum wise anyways.

What can Dnb fans expect on the night?

A good load of tech, breaks and a damn good party. I love a good party and DLR & Gusto are a killer combo that will make sure the vibes are running high on the night.

Any further events in 2015?

Nothing set in stone yet, I’ve got some ideas of the kind of parties I’d like to do, DJ’s I want to book etc… But it really comes down to money, if next week is a success then there will definitely be a 2015 for Acetate. I know that’s probably not what people want to hear, but it’s the honest truth. I think people forget about how much it actually costs to do something like this. I’m also not 100% certain about my future in Manchester, I have some contacts in London that might be able to help me get some work in a recording studio, so we may see an Acetate crop up in London. Just got to ride the wave and see where life takes you!

The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, but I’m ready to take it on and show Manchester what’s up. Fingers crossed we will be back in 2015 either in Manchester, London, or somewhere, who knows!?!

Many thanks Series:One.

EBR Podcast 025 – Series:One (Acetate Promo Mix) by Ebr Podcast on Mixcloud

31/1, Redditch. Scenic & Advisory Presents Sublime DNB #5: 10 Years of Spearhead Records @ The Queens Head

Scenic & Advisory bring you Sublime DNB #5


Celebrating 10 years of Spearhead Records

Hybrid Minds
Wayne e
Club Amen
Scenic & Advisory

Mcs Con*Natural – Tempza – Smilee – Bluejay

Tickets direct from The Queens Head or online from Theticketsellers.

Earlybird tickets £5 / Standard £10

Doors 8pm-3am

The Queens Head
9 Queen street
B98 8AY

Free parking available to the rear of the venue.

29/11, Redditch. Scenic & Advisory Presents Sublime DNB #4: Return of Rotation




TICKETS Or direct from The Queens Head (0152768995)

After an amazing night for Sublime DnB #3 with Offworld Recordings we would like to invite you to our next instalment “Sublime DnB # 4 for our first event teamed up with local label “Rotation”
You can expect another legendary night @The Queens Head.
Please join, share and invite your DnB friends if your coming.

The Queens Head

9 Queen Street, B98 8AY Redditch

26/11, London. Wednesdays Con*sequence @ The Clinic


MsDos (UK Debut)






Piccadilly Institute

The London Pavillion, One Piccadilly Circus, W1V 9LA London, United Kingdom

19/12, Stockholm, Sweden. Traffic & Luger Presents: Marcus Intalex, Calibre & MC DRS @ Slakthuset


Marcus Intalex
Mira mark


The Salazar Brothers
+ secret guest


Underground Militia
All Out Dubstep

22.00-03.00, 21 years.



Slakthusgatan 6, 121 62 Stockholm, Sweden

22/11, Brighton. Serotone Presents: ProgRAM w/ Mind Vortex, Stealth, Chords, Ray Rampage, MC Felon @ The Volks



Rivalize & Brown B
Scoundrel & JJ
Threts & Aljmex
Cronicz & Kosmetik

Hosted by: Felon//Dirty Buziness//Rumble

Room 2- Rough Tempo & Serotone Recordings

Critical Matter / Hyper Fizix / Warden / Soundline / Didz / Lady Niki / Reflex / Prime8 / Spar / Shayper / The Suspects
Hosted by: MC Walker

Entry Fee: Limited £5 Advance Tickets are available from RAM RECORDS

On the door price £6 Before 12, more after


No-Re Entry

Bring ID to avoid disappointment.