Free download: Fokuz Recordings Liquid Drum and Bass Sessions #21 : Dreazz [April 2020]

Liquid Drum and bass Mix # 21 [April 2020] featuring Minos, Bcee, Bert H, Sevin, Command Strange, Malaky, Teej, Induction, Duoscience, SMP Larigold & More

0:00 Maverick Soul – Clear Blue
3:20 Cnof – Heavenly Dawn
5:10 Cult – Cult
7:50 Macca & Loz contreras Remix
11:15 Cnof – Banner
13:50 MattView & Marvel Cinema & DanGuidance – Unfold Dan Guidance x Echo Motion Remix
17:30 Duskee & Teej – Master Piece
19:00 Farflow – Down Under
22:15 FX 909 – 5 Stars
24:05 FX 909 – Is It Real
26:10 HumaNature & Convex – Netherzone
27:30 Blade – 90’s Deep
30:46 Sub_liminal & Resurgence – Variations
33:00 Bassment & Zezalien – Dolphin Chat
34:45 Surreal – Blazed
36:30 Bert H – Static Funk
39:10 Yatuza – Mr Flow
41:30 Aerherial & Cosmic Sequence – love No More ( Alexvander Remix)
43:43 Senpai – Hypersleep
45:50 Focal Tune – Conceal
47:23 Sevin – Not For A While
50:46 Surreal – On & On
52:50 Styke – Desolate
54:20 The Vanguard Project – Fist Full Of Dollars
58:20 Scott Allen & Deeper Connection – Wicked Ones.

Download it from here!


Featured Mix: SUNANDBASS Podcast #98 – Homemade Weapons

Deep, Dark and Dutty. Homemade Weapons, one of the stand out and most talked about sets of last years festival has spun us this dutty wobbler from his weapon cave. Decent set of headphones or a detached house for this puppy, this is like Coronavirus in sound form.

Check out the 7th and latest release on Weaponry – Roho – Alter Ego EP

Aswell as Homemade Weapons remix of B-Traits’ new project ‘Baby T’

@homemadeweapons on Insta & FB

You can support Homemade Weapons over on his bandcamp

Free Download: Philth – In-Reach Guest Mix #47

In celebration of his recent album “Moments In Time” which dropped on Dispatch a few months back, we asked Philth to lay down the next In-Reach guest mix #47.

Buy Moments In Time on BandCamp

Featured Mix: Seba – UK Hardcore Vol.1 (1994)

A Jungle / Hardcore vinyl DJ-mix by Seba from 1994, digitalized from cassette tape. From Elisabeth Tegner’s Rave Archive. Seba is one of the participants in the book “Från diskofeber till rejvhysteri”, which includes accounts of the early swedish jungle scene — previously hidden under the radar of Swedish mainstream media.

Photo by Stefan Holm Mardo from the book ‘No Limit’.

Featured Mix: DFECT – Isolation

X-E Dos – Those Eyes
Doom Poets – Feather
Epoxy – Isolation
Acid Lab – Fear The Fear
Genotype – Sectioned
E-Sassin – Full Circle (False Flag Remix)
Technical Itch – Mutant Species
SCAR – Stalker
Loxy & Resound – The Silent Knight
Technical Itch – The Paradox
NewKoncept – Parasite
Voyage – Invader
MAC-V – You Decide
Mind Killa – Open Aggression
Goreteks – The Terror
Just Jungle – All Ganja
Polarity – Punctured
Break & Total Science – Betamax
Abstract Drumz – Dance With The Devil
Adred – Amenity

Free Download: Space Cadet Presents Space Age Vol 3 – LSB & DRS

Exclusive Guest Mix: Omega Point – Another World

Omega Point bio:

Omega Point aka Martin became involved in the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene from an early age, charting his origins in Drum and Bass as far back as the mid 90’s no less. Being around an older brother who had fallen in love with the underground scene a few years former around ‘93’ pre music divide, Omega Point followed suit also taking an interest in rave music himself.

Always the keen professional, Omega’ soon picked up the art of vinyl mixing. It wasn’t long within these early years that the urge to create his own music became unstoppable. By the turn of the millenium Omega’s began seeking the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. It was from here that he started to produce, whilst also studying music at an academic level.

Omega Point made his mark into the drum and bass movement, in the spring of 2017 with the release of his debut EP Frostbite, released through the imperative imprint Beat Spectrum. The EP was definitive in itself, showcasing Omega Points skills in the studio. Offering big funk driven beats, large twisted basslines, and experimental sound design all combined as the perfect showcase for this gifted creator.
On first listen to his work it’s easy to see that the producer and DJ primarily looks to explore the deeper, darker edges of the drum and bass scene.

Since his first release Omega has gone on to bring his sounds out on Lockdown Recordings, Rebel Music and Inhabit Recordings and currently in 2020 has further projects in the making with all 3, so keep your ears peeled!



Dom and Roland – Innersense – Metalheadz
Logistics – Dreamer of Dreams – Hospital Records
Need For Mirrors – M.I.A – V Recordings
Survival – Terrain – Exit Records
Omega Point – Skink – Lockdown Recordings
Skeptical – Duck Soup – Exit Records
Philth and Bredren – Closer to You – Flexout Audio
Icicle – Dreadnaught (tease) – Shogun Audio
Cybin & Trex – Play – Trust Audio
Fierce & Cause 4 Concern – Carrier – Quarantine Records
Need For Mirrors – So Below – V Recordings
Omega Point – The Mission – Lockdown Recordings
Digital – Dreamer – Function Records
Marcus Intalex & Jubei – Lubbly Jubbly – Metalheadz
Jungle Jungle – Total Science – Metalheadz
Omega Point – Listening – Beat Spectrum
J Kenzo – Katoku – 31 Records
Marcus Intalex & S.T Files – Warp 3 (Total Science Remix) – C.I.A
Mako & Fields – The Gap – Metalheadz
Forest Drive West – Set Free – Rupture
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl – Prototype
Gremlinz & Jesta – Departed – Metalheadz
Omega Point – Another World – Lockdown Recordings
Deskai – Night Owl – Scientific Records
Skeptical – Grub – Exit Records
Source Direct- Web of Sin – Metalheadz
Mako & Andy Skopes – Mercenary – Dispatch Recordings
Fields- Full Court Press – C.I.A
Fierce & Zero T – Second Nature – Quarantine Records
Omega Point – Romeo & Juliette – Lockdown Recordings

Free Download: Structure DnB – The Virus

Inspired by real events. Lockdown business. Dark, moody and quite horrible indeed.. Going full on for this one. Hope you enjoy.

1. Future & Missree-Black Smoke
2. ID
3. Champa B-Footsteps
4. Tech Itch-Blackest Tempest
5. Unknown Error-Witch Hunt (Dom & Roland Remix)
6. Pixl & Bio-Kem-Dissonance
7. Grief-The Portal
8. Verb-Horror
9. Bizzy B-Exceeding The Speed Of Sound
10. Ibunshi & Indidjinous-Swamp Funk (Equinox Remix)
11. Voyage-Invader
12. Tactical Aspect-Infrared
13. DJ G-I-S-Nazgul
14. Polarity-The Sound
15. Layer 3-Violent Skies
16. Amit-Propaganda
17. Gremlinz, Jesta & Kalu-Monolith
18. 4 6 2 5-Non-Citizen
19. Skitty & Nolige-Apocalypse
20. Rognvald-Earldom Pollywax

Featured Mix: Ronin – Mohican Wall X Dawn Sun: An Integral Soul Mix

One for the liquid heads. Gather round, gather round, and embark on an emotional journey. You’ll encounter vibes of the smooth and groove variety; feels of deep and sweet calamity, emotional twists and phat bass riffs, melodic motifs to soften the heat. Meticulously curated; crafted that elements intricately intertwine in a synergistic fulmination of Breaksy-Liquid Pleasure on a scale hitherto unheard of.

Tw@ me: @Ronin_Sound

Crush my dreams

Full Mix Free Download

Wallpaper / Artwork Free Download


Mohican Sun – Where Did You Go
Dawn Wall – Seeds of Change
Mohican Sun – Fixation
Dawn Wall – Blinded
Dawn Wall – Lemon Dogs
Mohican Sun – Don’t Wait
Artificial Intelligence – Waiting Room
Dawn Wall – Between The Sheets
Satl & Malaky Ft. Harland & Steo – A Minute After Always
Souls – I Wait For You (Dawn Wall Remix)
Dawn Wall – I Should Have Been There
Chase & Status – All Goes Wrong (Dawn Wall Remix)
The National – This Is The Last Time (Ronin Bootleg)
Mohican Sun – Providence
Satl – Everything Anything
Dawn Wall – Kythera
Dawn Wall – Never Say
Dawn Wall – Ember
Dawn Wall – Devil’s Night
Phil:osophy – Consequence
Dawn Wall – Rain God
Mohican Sun – Defiance
Dawn Wall – Mantis
Dawn Wall – Twin Falls
Mohican Sun – Sudden Change
Dawn Wall – Spears
Dawn Wall – Longshanks
Fluidity – Feeling Inside
Artificial Intelligence – Intimacy
Dawn Wall – If I Smiled
Dawn Wall – Shy
Artificial Intelligence – Reprisal
Artificial Intelligence – Boxed In
Mohican Sun – Living This Way
Dawn Wall – Holding On
Mohican Sun – Calgary
Dawn Wall – Take Control

Free Download: Sully Promo Mix – Rupture in Amsterdam December 2019

17/4, London. Doomsday Cult Rave

A Doomsday Cult themed club night lands in Central London April 17!

UNSTUCK Presents invites you to step into the story and experience a themed club night like no other!

You can expect world-class DJs, immersive theatre, community atmosphere & original storytelling for every club show.

Headlined by Drum & Bass legend Father Funk, party-goers can expect a night of bass-fuelled mischief, pagan club décor, plus interactions with vibrant characters including a cult leader, eccentric priest & brainwashed followers!

The organisers, UNSTUCK Presents, have also hinted at an on-stage blood sacrifice, the exact details of which are top secret…

UNSTUCK launched in October last year with their sold-out debut The Heist that challenged clubbers to take part in a bank robbery. The Cult promises to give attendees an even higher dose of dancefloor adrenaline!

Will you be welcomed into the Cult? Or end up as the sacrificial lamb… It’s time to party like it’s the end of the world!

Hours: 10 PM – 4 AM
Date: Fri 17th April
Venue: Basing House, 25 Kingsland Rd, Hackney, London E2 8AA
Event page:

23/5, London. VIP London 3rd Birthday Bash @ Habit


Mr Fresh Official
Springy P
DJ Makah
Adam G


MC CartE
DR Vibez

Live PAs:

Bennie D
The Truth Artist

Hosted by: MC Vision


V.I.P London are back for 2020 and we will be Celebrating our 3rd Birthday alongside MC CD’s Birthday!

For this event we have chosen one of London’s Hot Spots – The Habit in Camden Town.

Located only 2 minutes walk from Camden Tube Station

Doors Open at 7pm and We Party until 3am…

This is a Strictly Over 18’s Event 🔞

Please bring Photo I.D

There will be Giveaways, a Merchandise Stall and a Happy Hour between
9 – 10pm.

We have hand picked some of the Best Artists to come down and provide a variety of House and Garage, Hip Hop, Jungle and DnB.

18 Kentish Town Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 9NX, United Kingdom