Featured Mix: Strawberry Sundae @ EGG LND – Offspring

Featured Mix: 1 More Mix 055 – Ghost Hardware

Genreless, genderless, limitless… Ghost Hardware has served up the biggest mix we’ve had so far in the 1 More Mix series.

A wild ride that flexes creatively from 120 – 170, taking in everything from breaks to jungle, techno to grime, dubstep to house, the London artist has been waiting to put out a sonic statement like this since they first emerged as an artist four years ago in 2019. And trust us; they’ve gone IN.

It’s a mix of Essential proportions and it resonates with everything 1 More Thing stands musically and ethically. We covered Ghost Hardware’s No Reality label quite extensively last year when it launched. A label, movement and experience that they explained at the time was inspired and motivated by “blurring the lines between realism, surrealism, light, dark, fiction and non-fiction.”

Find out more about this mix, No Reality Music and the boss Ghost Hardware as they share their story and perspective in this extensive interview: 1-more-thing.co.uk/audio/1-more-mi…ghost-hardware/

Follow Ghost Hardware: @ghosthardwarednb
Follow No Reality: @norealitymusic
Follow 1 More Thing: @1morething

12/5, London. Subsidance @ Aaja Music – FREE ENTRY!

Subsidance are back at it in the Aaja Music Snake Pit on Friday!

Drumskull & Pressa new EP drops the same day so they’re going b2b to celebrate and are backed by some familiar faces!
There may be something else going down later in the year too

Drumskull b2b Pressa
Dubzie b2b Arkie
Hosted by Agman Gora.

This is a FREE ENTRY affair kicking off at 4pm and out at 12.30am.

Big up Luke Skyz Cullen on the flyer design

3/6, London. Distant Planet – All Dayer / Nighter @ Fox & Firkin

On Saturday 3rd June Distant Planet returns to its favourite South London pub for 16 hours of raving!
Advance tickets to guarantee entry.

Free Before 3pm / 3-7pm £10 / 7-8pm £15 / £20 after

Inside the ride
Equinox (Sci Wax)
Theshold (Jedi Hi-Fi / The Lost)
Stretch (AKO / Reinforced / Metalheadz)
Jungalice (RK Bass)
Louise Plus One (Distant Planet)
Hughesee (Distant Planet)
Sicknote (Planet Wax)
DJ Lessons (RedTek)
Ted Breaker (ICB)
Daytime garden vibes
Sherrine (Albion Hifi)
Gizelle (S.U.F.)
Terrorize (Eskimo Noise / Spiral Tribe)
Hughesee (Distant Planet)
Louise Plus One (Distant Planet)

Distant Planet will be hosting the ultimate summer jam at our favorite South London pub with a vast beer garden with music outdoors in the day, where you can sit in the sun and enjoy the vibes or take cover in the shaded areas and chill with your friends.
This 16-hour extravaganza will showcase a variety of styles, including Reggae/Dub, House, Acid House, Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Techno & Drum & Bass, old and new. All played on vinyl.
Our custom lighting and all vinyl sets from top selectors digging deep will make this a great rave experience you can enjoy with family and friends.
This event is family-friendly in the daytime until 8 pm.

Ticket link

Featured Mix: ILIAN TAPE Podcast Series 093 – MANTRA

Representing real drum and bass at it’s finest, Mantra’s deep and emotive sound in the mix comes from an intense passion for the music. Together with Double O, she established Rupture as one of the most respected events & labels in the UK. Enjoy!

Free Download: Vykhod Sily Podcast – Jack Rapture Guest Mix

1. Terminus – The Rinse – Monochrome Recordings
2. Jack Rapture – Why are we here? – Forthcoming Codename: RCRDS
3. Krugah – Pride of Souls – Asterizm Records
4. Mac V – Underground Lair – Danger Chamber Digital
5. Nebula – Espionage – Nebula Bandcamp
6. martianMan – Hypno Boogaloo – Sci Wax Digital
7. Parallel – Summer Nights – Monochrome Recordings
8. Jack Rapture & Stu – Downbeat Days – Forthcoming RuptureLDN
9. Sonic Art – Orbital Journey – Dissymmetrical Music
10. Earl Grey – Train of Thought – Eastern Promise Audio
11. Mac V – Beneath The Surface – Danger Chamber Digital
12. Jack Rapture & Stu – The Depths – Dub
13. DJ Fox – Expedition – Monochrome Recordings
14. Double O – The Lord is my Strength – DSCI4
15. Jack Rapture & Stu – Become Dark – Forthcoming RuptureLDN

Featured Podcast: Headspace Podcast 002

We’re back with another episode of our podcast series. This one’s pretty special as it’s themed around birthdays.

Celebrating Electra’s 30th and Lubi J’s (far less significant) birthdays in the same week, and with news of our 1st bday event coming up, we travel back to the delightful year of 1993 – when the rave scene and sounds were exploding in all kinds of different and wonderful ways.

Expect lots of old skool bangers, plenty of nostalgia, a few wobbly mixes and loads of laughs!

We are also delighted to have an all 1993 guest mix from DJ Azure, an incredible DJ that co-promotes Dissonance in Bristol and a regular at ravers favourite, Distant Planet, so you can expect the very best in selection from this all vinyl mix!

Watch back: EQ50 // DJ Flight & Mantra ft. Mc Chickaboo

Premiered on 1 Apr 2021

Last week, DJ Flight, MC Chickaboo, and DJ Mantra came down to FOLD to record a special mix for their ‘Women Jungle Producers of the 90s’ series. They rounded off this series for EQ50 by showcasing these big, bad, heavy hardcore, jungle, and d&b tracks.

The mix exclusively features music made by those featured in their posts, with releases ranging from years 1993-2001 and covering a range of styles.

Tonight, we will premiere the live recording from this mix.

1. Tamsin & The Monk – A Better Place – White House
2.. DJ Rap – More Time – Suburban Bass
3. Kemistry and Storm – Signature – Reinforced
4. Tango and Fallout – Intrigue – NMI International
5. Jo – Imagine The Future – Awesome Records
6. Dj Rap & Aston – Get Rushed – Suburban Bass
7.Helen T – Etherial – Dee Jay Recordings
8. Harmony and Xtreme – Wicked & Bad – Deep Jungle
9. Eternal Bass – Infinity – Eb
10. Flynn and Flora – String 4 String – Independent Dealers
11. Flyn and Flora – New world – Independent Dealers
12. Rood project – Thunder – White House
13. Jo – R-Type – Awesome Records
14. Dj Spice – Step Off – Back 2 Basics
15. Dazee and Substance – Confusion – Ruffneck Ting
16. Flynn and Flora – Agent Blue – Independent Dealers
17. Jordana – When Worlds Collide – Jungle Sky
18. Helen T – Something Special – IDM
19. Harmony & Xtreme – Boo – Deep Jungle
20. Wildchild and Floyd – Influenza – Redmaster Records
21. Microtek – Untitled – Fifth World
22. Helen T – Hal’s Warning – IDM
23. DJ Rap – Spiritual Aura – Dee Jay Recordings

Featured Mix: J:Kenzo – Artikal Event Promo Mix

A promo mix by J:Kenzo ahead of the Artikal event at Dalston Den, London on 6th April 2023

The mix features tracks from all artists performing on the night

For tickets head to: Resident Advisor

Unkey – Shake (00:00)
AMIT – Fatty Batty (01:48)
LX One & SP:MC – Kingsland Dub (03:10)
Unkey – That Sound (04:31)
Cimm – Make Up Your Mind (06:05)
Sumgii – DD Six (lazer)(07:40)
LX One & Biome – Kevlar (09:01)
Sumgii – Oh Fish (10:23)
Cimm – Deep Red (11:30)
Cimm & Crazy D – Piracy (13:12)
LX One – Hidden Shadow (14:14)
SP:MC – Declassified (16:12)
AMIT – Acid Trip (J:Kenzo Remix) (17:34)
J:Kenzo – Traverse (20:05)
SP:MC – Big Request (21:11)
SP:MC – Slugfest (22:35)
Subjective – Dassai Menace (J:Kenzo Remix) (24:07)
J:Kenzo – An Uncharted Vision (27:10)
J:Kenzo – Intalek (29:25)
AMIT – 1013 Taylor Dub (30:31)
AMIT – Burning The Retina (32:21)

Featured Mix: Black Rhino Radio: Bass Music w/ The Untouchables, DJ Mantra & Double O

Witness one of the meanest crews, Rupture London’s DJ Mantra and Double O, taking over this episode of Bass Music.

Mantra and Double O have both been consistently sharing their artistic vision within drum&bass and jungle scenes for many years, and since their first forays in Shoreditch in the early 2000s, the name Rupture has blossomed into one of the most revered names in jungle music.

See all shows at bit.ly/3o0hdMz

Featured Mix: 1 More Mix 040 – Yorobi

Please welcome Yorobi to the 1 More Mix series!

Set to the backdrop of her crucial new release – the inexorably explorative and thoughtful Eden EP on Sneaker Social Club – the longstanding Amsterdam-based artist, producer, DJ, radio host and art historian has gone in deep with this devilish dot-joining escapade that ranges from ambient to jungle via techno, breaks, hardcore and all kinds of fractured flavours in between.

From Jerome Hill to J Majik, Dolenz to Doc Scott, it’s a joyously wide-armed audio assault that blazes boundaries in all directions as the Groningen-raised selector takes us on a journey through her musical passions and inspirations that go right back to the Dutch free party movement in the 90s.

Find out more about this mix and Yorobi in our super deep interview:

Yorobi – Eden is out March 24:

Support Yorobi: @yorobi

Featured Mix: BOJ LUCKI – Four Seasons of Winter Mix