Exclusive Interview & Guestmix: Jay Dubz


Jay Dubz has a long history of providing smooth beats to listeners for many years.

DJing at numerous of events in the West Midlands also back in the day holding down regular slots on pirate radio stations and being one of the key figures in the founding of Midlands Rush.

Jay Dubz has now found his spot as a resident DJ for Perception Events in Shrewsbury which provides 100% intelligent beats.

So Jay Dubz how many years have you actually been in the drum and bass scene?

I’ve been playing drum and bass for 10 years now (I used to play hardcore before that) so DJing for nearer 15 years.

How did it all begin?

I first touched a pair of decks in 1993 when I was still properly young. I was on holiday in Ibiza back at the old Don Toni club hotel’s ‘mini club’ in Playa D’en Bossa (which is now the Hard Rock Cafe hotel). That’s where the interest all came from I think, although no mixing back then, more like cheesey discos! My folks bought me a nailed second hand pair of decks to have a mess around on and then I soon started doing my school discos and summer fetes, moving onto better equipment, smoke machines, flashy lights, the whole shebang! It wasn’t until 2000 where I started to take an interest in mixing. Using my rather clunky Citronic Remix Teknodek console, I figured out logically how to mix, the whole 4 beats 4 bars thing and correct pitching of tunes.

I played on various internet radio stations, including one I’d set up called Quadbase back in 2001. I was 15 when I got a break on Dimension FM, the station that had provided the soundtrack to my youth. This provided a great platform to me to get my DJing heard, doing what I loved doing best which was playing music to the masses.

I went to college and a couple of my mates there were drum and bass heads, so would often get lifts in their cars with tape packs blaring out, and I really started to get into it. I’d also started listening to a pirate in Wolverhampton by the name of District FM. I started buying more drum and bass records until I eventually made the permanent switch over to drum and bass in 2005.

I carried on the pirate vibe when I was involved with the set up and holding down of a regular slot on Midlands Rush in 2006.

Perception events are well known for its intelligent beats and providing a non MC event..
Do you think the music on night does all the talking & why is there no MC on mic duties?

It’s something we get asked a lot and I think we chose this path as it was different to not have a host (and refreshing). That’s of no disrespect to MC’s really, there are lots of quality MC’s out there who compliment DJ sets beautifully – Conrad, DRS to name a few and some of our local MC’s. There is something nice about having just the music at our nights though. The vibe is always there, the crowd interact with the DJ without having to come through an MC. The music does truly do the talking without the need of someone to hype the crowd! That’s what makes Perception special, in my eyes anyway!

You work alongside 2 other Djs at Perception.
Have they provided any inspiration for you?

Baz (Bazland) has a passion for underground music. Even though his primary interest is in Techno, his roots are in Drum and Bass. He’s the main promoter/organiser for Perception and other events, tirelessly lugging a system in and out the Vaults in order to give people a good night (and drink premium Russian lager by the crate). After I managed to blag a night off the (then) new owner of the Vaults (there was initially a strict no drum and bass policy), we conceived Perception in May 2011 and the rest is history. We never thank him too much though in fear of his head getting even bigger than it already is! ;)

Jamie (Conspire) is an absolute legend when it comes to Drum and Bass. The first time I heard him play was when we both played in the back room for Traffic (an underground house night in Shrewsbury) in the Buttermarket Cellars in 2008. His selection blew me away that night and still to this day he pulls tunes out which are unique to him – you don’t hear anyone else touch his sound. He does what he does and does it well, not giving a shit about fads and bandwagons that come and go – his passion for what he does is second to none. I’m also still trying to get written into his will so when I finally do manage to run him over in my car, he’ll leave me his vinyl collection! ;)

Perception events have been known to deliver a sort of liquid vibe due to past line-ups.
Do you think it’s all Liquid?

Not really, some of the music I play isn’t particularly ‘liquid-esque’, I just play what I think is good, and I think that motto is echoed at Perception. We’ve also had the likes of Stu Pennygiles, Marcus Intalex, SpectraSoul, Phil Tangent etc smash out a set that I wouldn’t class as strictly liquid drum and bass.

Of course Perception has a ‘sound’, but I don’t think that ‘sound’ is just liquid. I think the DJ should be free to play whatever drum and bass music they like. So long as it’s good drum and bass music, who cares?

Following on from the last question.
Would you ever consider pulling a dark heavy classic out of the bag and playing it at Perception or do you strictly have to play on a liquid tip?

I like to dance around all the styles under the intelligent umbrella. I’ve dropped a 95-98 tech-step set before at Perception and it went off! We’re planning another classics night again soon of which I shall probably dust some more dark classics off! We’ve had jungle, early house, a ‘golden era’ set. Like I say, if it’s good, who cares?

When & where has been the best musical experience for yourself?

I’ve got a few, but the main one that sticks out for me was when we’d secured Lenzman as our first international DJ. Me and Baz drove to the airport to go grab him and it didn’t particularly sink in at that point. That was until he played his set at Perception. It was one of those moments where you sort of look around and pinch yourself to ensure it’s really happening. The Vaults was absolutely ram jammed with people loving it, we’d got a superstar DJ down to play in my local in the sleepy old town of Shrewsbury, and people were loving it! That was a good feeling, and I was part of it! Obviously we had the mighty Calibre down in December too, a man who we’d been trying to track down to play for us for nearly four years. After a bit of pecking at various events by myself and Jamie, Baz’s promoter skillage and a bit of help from a local promoter, we managed to secure him. Again, another pinch yourself moment for me.

DJ wise has to be last year playing at the Custard Factory, warming up for Marky who I have so much respect for. My set went really well, the room was packed with people who love the music. Marky was such a nice chap too!

What do you personally want to achieve in D&B?

I would like to get a permanent radio show on the go again, I absolutely love presenting a show and pushing music that I like. Now that I do have a bit more time to commit it may well happen! I would also like to get a bit further playing around with production. The problem with me is that I get a bit frustrated and lose interest for 6 months!

There’s a forthcoming Perception night with 2 legends as the headliners..
Tell us a bit more?

Marcus is no stranger to Perception. Every time he’s been down he’s absolutely tore the place a new one. This will be his fourth time to Shrewsbury so we’re pretty much looking forward to it. It’s also a pleasure to welcome dBridge to Perception. A true veteran, yet I’ve never seen this man play out. It’s gonna be a good one that’s for sure

Any further plans for 2015?

More parties (obviously), more DJing (hopefully), more Baltika consumption (definitely). Onwards and upwards!

Many Thanks Jay Dubz.

Here’s an exclusive guestmix. 

3/4, FabricLive

ROOM 1dnb

Sub Focus &
Culprate & Maksim


Critical Sound
Mefjus B2B
Kasra B2B
Ivy Lab
Foreign Concept
Sam Binga & Redders
MCs: GQ, SP:MC, Mantmast




30/5, London. Carbon Boat Party @ Dutch Master Party Boat


FABIO – old skool set
[Creative Source]

[Commercial Suicide]

[Secret Operations]

[Cylon Recordings]

Hosted by DOUBLE O


Earlybird £15
First Release: £20
Second Release: £25

£15 / £20 / £25 + BF – tickets available from HERE

£25 + BF – tickets available from HERE


Dutch Master Party Boat
Tower Millenium Pier

Please arrive 30 minutes before boat departs.

Over 18s Only • ROAR

1/5, London. THTC Re:Grow Party @ Electric Brixton



Trojan Sound System

Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars) & Problem Child


Serial Killaz UK

DJ Skitz – hip hop showcase feat: Mystro / Inja / Genesis Ilijah / Reveal / Stylah / JoeBurn

The Beatbox Collective

Colo[r] (Chris Octane & TST) liquid drum and bass

MR FASO (Rootikal)

Oli Greety & The One Love Orchestra

MCs: Stamina MC, Sense MC, Deefa MC, and others TBC

Hosted by Bass6 & Mystro

PLUS: Very Special Guests to be announced in April.

For more information check www.thtc.co.uk or for tickets visit:


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Electric Brixton

Town Hall Parade, London, United Kingdom

Free download: Sunandbass podcast #35: Handy & Kred

This Podcast showcases the classic Handy & Kred style, a blend of old and new, smooth and abrassive – mixing classics with new favourites, and with the odd dub thrown in for good measure. Recorded live, they suggest you serve with a chilled Ichnusa and enjoy!

1. Vicious Circle – Emma’s Dilemma
2. Anile & Dakosa – Replicant
3. T>I – Hydra
4. Skeptical – Instant Reflex
5. Kelle – Radiophobia
6. DRS ft. Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy – Bunya Too
7. Seba & Paradox – Delusions
8. Skeptical – Imperial
9. Fierce & Vicious Circle – Spectre
10. Siren – Throw Light
11. A Sides – Tokiado VIP
12. Siren – Squadron
13. DJ Ink ft Dylan – Need You (Calibre remix)
14. Calibre – Blazin
15. Cell – Midnights Glow
16. DRS feat Jubei – The Puppeteer
17. Philbee – Rude Birth
18. Tom Small – Lineformer
19. D Bridge – China Blue
20. Dan Habarnam – One Note Bass
21. Getz – Ditch
22. DRS ft. Marcus Intalex – Emergency
23. Need For Mirrors – Berners Street Dub
24. Nymfo – Planetarium
25. Mauoq – Indoors
26. SBTRKT – New Dorp (Utah Jazz Remix)
27. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Calibre Remix)
28. SPY & Kasra – Control
29. Mako, Villem & McLeod – Inner Revolution
30. Lynx ft. Malibu – Bees Knees
31. Anile – To Live Without


TONIGHT, London: Evolution @ Piccadilly Institute


Randall (Birthday Set)
Dj Stretch (Birthday Set)
Mantra (Birthday Set)
Double 0

Hosted by Blackeye

Doors open 21:00 – 03:00
Last entry 02:00
Free before 22:00

Piccadilly Institute

The London Pavillion, One Piccadilly Circus, W1V 9LA London, United Kingdom

1/4, London. Soul In Motion @ Basement


Steve Survival
Blocks and Escher
+ residents Bailey Intabeats & NEEDFORMIRRORS

Rsvp your full names to soulinmotionldn@gmail.com for the free guest list before 6pm on Wednesday.

London Edition – Basement
10 Berners Street W1T 3NP

Weekend planner



Metalheadz x Outlook @ Thekla. Dillinja, Jubei, Klute, Ant TC1 + more. Tickets £7 + booking fee.



Overflow @ Wire. Seba, LSB, Phil Tangent, Hugh Hardie + more. Tickets £10 + booking fee.


Med School @ The Colombian. Klute, Keeno, Anile + more. Tickets £15 + booking fee.

Afterdark @ Brixton Jamm. Billain, Audio, Cause4Concern + more. Tickets £15 + booking fee.

FabricLive: Playaz Easter Special. Tickets £19 + booking fee.  Don’t miss the promo mix from Northbase, HERE.

Grooves @ Plan B. Mistanoize, Memro, Sweetpea B2B Vitty Dubs + more. Tickets £5 + booking fee.


Soul:ution ‘Mid Mic Crisis’ LP Launch @ Band On The Wall. DRS 8 Gold Rings & Tyler Daley, LSB, Marcus Intalex
Bane. Tickets £10 + booking fee.



Break Thru @ Custard Factory. DBridge, MAKOTO, Con-Natural, SP:MC + more. Tickets £10 + booking fee.


Cyberfunk @ Fire. DILLINJA, BREAK, SKEPTICAL, XTRAH + more. Tickets £15 + booking fee.

Launch @ Bar 512. SEba, FD, Flava + more. Tickets £7 + booking fee.

Diffrent 5th Birthday Bash @ The Bunker. Dexta, Fearful, Silent Dust, Sense MC + more. Tickets £8.


Demolition Dubz @ Diamond Club. DELTA HEAVY, BLACKLEY, SOULCULTURE, MOYANO + more. Tickets £10 on the door.


Sublime DNB #6 @ KLUTE, ZERO T, MADCAP, MALAKY + more. Tickets £10 + booking fee.


Stay safe, drink water and have fun!


Exclusive interview: Seba

Swedish producer and DJ Seba is due to play in the UK this weekend so Drum+Basics couldn’t resist a little chat with the legend himself…

What’s been going on with you and your music since last year?

Last year was a difficult year for me. I had a good start with my EP, but then my record distribution went out of business and I a lot of music that got held up. I found instantly a new distributor, but it still took time to the music out because of the transitioning of my previous releases and other formalities. This also affected my DJ bookings, so I didn’t get that many bookings. At the end of December I seriously thought about locking the studio for a while and focusing on my other job 100%.

How’s 2015 been so far?

I had a great start!! Apparently, I didn’t have to lock my studio. Everything turned around when the first release came out with my new distributor. I started to get more bookings again and people were being really interested in what I was doing again. This got me motivated again. So I’m working really hard in the studio. Forgetting to eat and pick up my children at school etc..

We’ve seen your name on lots of flyers this year and you’re playing two gigs in the UK this weekend; what can we expect from your sets and what are you looking forward to the most?

Yeah I’m really excited about all the bookings I’m getting at the moment. The cool thing is that I get bookings where I can play totally different sets. I would play a heavier and deeper set at RUPTURE in London and a more energetic and uplifting set in Russia. I really look forward to play my new material. I included 3 new tracks in the promotional mix for LAUNCH. One by me, one by me and Paradox with Robert Manos amazing voice, and one by Gremlinz which I just grabbed for secret operations later this year.

Are there any releases we can look forward to? 

I’ve made about a release per year on secret operations. Maybe a little bit more since im at my 23rd release after 15 years. This year I’ve already had 2 releases out and got one coming out this month and were only in March. I’m currently working on a release by myself on Secret Operations and then I got a release with Gremlinz. I also have a release coming out on Warm communications this year and 2 collaborations with Paradox on both Paradox Music and Arctic Music. There is tons of material that hasn’t found a home yet and to be finished. A track with DRS and a more material with Manos among other things.

Your music is often described as emotional and deep; do you agree?

I do. Sometimes I fear that it is too deep and that people cant get in to it when I play it out. I remember playing in Russia between a local DJ and Black Sun Empire. Both artists played mega hard and was kinda lost in what I was supposed to do. Since a lot of my music is deep I try to direct the crowd in to a deep mode and then break it off with some more energetic tracks, as a counter balance.

What things or people inspire you?

Movies, my children, the news, things that happens in life. I generally don’t get inspired by other d&b tracks, but every now and then I hear something that someone does and get upset because I believe that I could have come up with that idea. Then I rush of to the studio to see if I can do something similar without being too obvious.

How much time do you spend in the studio in a month?

I try to be there as much as I can. I have a day job and get off at 14.30 in the weekdays. I usually spend 2-3 hours then or so. But then I’m also a single parent with 2 kids that takes up some time. It’s difficult to make the studio work consistent. Sometimes I don’t go to my studio for days or even weeks. It’s hard to be motivated when I don’t get anything back. But right, now I’m on fire!

How’s the dnb scene in Sweden?

It is very healthy compared to many other countries around in Europe. But this doesn’t stop people from complaining about how terrible the scene is and how much better things are abroad. We have two solid dnb nights. Both bring over quality artists in the whole spectrum of dnb. I just wonder where all the Swedish dnb producers are. It’s raining techno producers in Sweden but dnb producers are very shy.

What do you do when you are not producing music?

I work in a school as an assistant for children with social disabilities. Other than that, I play a lot of geeky board games with my friends and I love cooking food. I go out clubbing from time to time, but it’s mostly to check out clubs in general. Not necessarily dnb. It inspires me to write music. I’ve been to a lot of Techno events lately. I think you can tell by the music I’m making.

What’s in store for the rest of 2015?

I got a few more release as I mentioned above. And some bookings coming up. US tour, and most likely Sun&Bass 2015.

If you could collaborate with any non-drum&bass artist, who would it be?

Björn Borg. Cool thing is that he doesnt live too far away from me.

Any famous last words…?

Guess what….I got a fever! And the only prescription is Cowbell!! – Bruce Dickinson

Catch Seba in Leeds on Friday @ Wire for Overflow: tickets and info HERE and in London on Saturday @ Bar512 for Launch: tickets and info HERE.

27/3, Leeds. Overflow @ Wire

– Lineup –dnb

Seba (Secret Ops/Spearhead)

LSB (Soul:R/Spearhead)

Phil Tangent (Soul:R)

Hugh Hardie (Hospital)

Colossus (Rush)

Ionian b2b Transcript (Rush/Overflow)

MC’s – Mr Science + Maroose

2-8 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 6DN
0113 234 0980


24/5, London. Drum&BassArena 19 Years @ Heaven

Line-up (in alphabetical order)dnb

Alix Perez
Dj A.M.C
Blu Mar Ten
Culture Shock
Foreign Concept
Rene LaVice
Total Science

Hosted by SP:MC

More artist announcements to come, in the meantime book your spot to avoid disappointment!


Heaven – London

Under The Arches, Villiers Street, WC2N 6NG London, United Kingdom

15/5, Leeds. 20 Years of Metalheadz @ Wire

Celebrating two decades of the label that is hailed as the pinnacle of drum and bass music…

– DILLINJA [History Sessions Set]dnb
– ANT TC1 [20 Years Of DNB Set]
– SCAR [New School Set]

With Support From:

– Sense MC
– LD50

Central Beatz Presents: 20 Years Of Metalheadz, Leeds – Friday 15th May 2015 at Wire.

**Limited early bird tickets now available on Resident Advisor & TicketArena for just £8+BF**

Ticket Arena

Resident Advisor

18+ Please bring ID. Doors Open 23:00.

Earlybird: £8+BF
1st Release: £10+BF
2nd Release: £12+BF


2-8 Call Lane, LS1 6DN Leeds