28/7, Bristol. The Box 6 @ Basement 45



The original Technodread + The original detonator
(The Original Detonator, Strictly Drumgle Dj set)


Funktion 1 Sound System
[[°ROOM 2°]] #RRG presents Dynamics




Basement 45

8 Frogmore Street, BS1 5NA Bristol, United Kingdom

21/4, London. FUNCTION:AL


Dillinja (Classics Set)
Randall b2b Storm (2hr Set)
Nomine vs Outrage
Flava b2b Horrific James

Hosted by: AD, Blackeye & Sopheye


Lightbox London

6A South Lambeth Place London, SW8 1SP London, United Kingdom

8/3, Bristol. Collective @ The Crofters Rights


Onset b2b Diverge
MC Gusto

£5 on the door all night


Residents: Break / DLR / Hydro / Mako Utopia / MC Gusto / Onset / Total Science

The Crofters Rights

117-119 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RW Bristol, United Kingdom

7/4, London. Hexagon @ Work


Special guest –
!!! Ed:it !!!

Hexagon Presents –

Resident DJs –
Lady Lena
Dark Matters

Introducing – DRB on the decks with Hexagon

Join us on a journey through Drum & Bass. Exploring a huge spectum of tunes & styles, as each DJ has a unique perspective on the genre.

Top of the line sound system, chill out area & amazing air con for your raving comfort.

Free event! Get down early to avoid disappointment – capacity is limited.


3 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ London, United Kingdom

Weekend Planner



General Levy’s Jungle Club @ Concorde 2. Tickets

Flavourz Events: 2 years @ The Volks. Tickets


Invasion DNB @ The Phoenix. Tickets


Subsidance @ Cafe 1001. FREE!

Roni Size @ o2 Kentish Town. Tickets

Jungle Splash @ Fire & Lightbox. FREE with guest list


Subfactory 13th Birthday: DJ Storm + MC Moose @ Purple Turtle. FREE!


HIT & RUN 11th Bday Part 2 @ Hidden. Tickets


Vision State 2nd Birthday @ The Old Red Bus Station. Tickets



Locked174 @ Bar A Bar. £5 OTD


C4R Presents Jungle Beatz @ The Rafters. Tickets


Break Thru: Calibre & Spectrasoul + more to be announced @ Amusement 13. Tickets


Freebass @ The Volks. FREE!


Old Red Bus Station 2 Years. Tickets



Inperspective Records Presents: Sweetpea x Dexta x Will Token @ Rye Wax. FREE!

14/3, London. DJ Mag Bunker #20 – J:Kenzo presents Polarity



Free guestlist

DJ Mag Bunker

3 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ London, United Kingdom

23/2, Leeds. Vision State 2nd Birthday

This year Vision State turns 2 years old, and to celebrate we’ve invited two of the biggest names in drum & bass and dubstep to The Old Red Bus Station.


HALOGENIX //// Critical Music / 1985 Music / Ivy Lab

BIOME //// Deep Heads / Kaizen / LEVELZ


Vision State residents

AZLAN ////
DOZEN ////




£6 / 8 / 10 / more OTD

The Old Red Bus Station

104 Vicar Lane, LS2 7NL Leeds

23/2, London. Jungle Splash @ Fire & Lightbox (FREE!)


Pied Piper
Junior Buzz
Smokey Bubblin B & Kofi B
No Faking DJs
Martin Jackson
Rhi Spect
Hosts: CKP/ DT/ UNO/ Hyperactive/ LoskiBoy/ Shantie/ NSE

Potential Badboy
RetroDubstars aka Terry T & Social Security
Dj Monk
Funky Flirt
Papa Gee (Birthday Set)
Mad Ash
Busta Widemove
Dj Uno
Mcs: Ragga Twins/ MC Funsta/ Junior Dangerous/ Rudeboy Keith/ Virgo Don
Mc Supa/ Dangerman/ Mc Ishu

Ras Kwame
Jamie Rodigan
Ashanti Selah
Original Dubman
Unlce Al
Nicky D
Dj Sherrine
Hosts: Uk Principal/Jedi Roots

Johnny B
Mrs Magoo
Hosts: J Swif/Blacka/Bellyman/Nu-Flo



Fire & Lightbox Complex, Vauxhall, London

Arch 39-43 Parry Street, SW8 1rt London, United Kingdom

23/2, London. Roni Size @ o2 Kentish Town

Soundcrash presents

Roni Size: New Forms Anniversary Live
Plus Special Guests

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the 1997 Mercury Prize winning album, New Forms, DnB legend Roni Size has announced a huge London headline show.

Over 18s only, 9pm – 2am.


O2 Forum Kentish Town

9-17 Highgate Road, NW5 1JY London, United Kingdom

Tonight, Bristol. Nu:Motive Invites THC w/ Technimatic, Pola & Bryson + MORE


Pola & Bryson

– Modify Perspective
– Halftone B2B Octo Pi
– Kopex B2B Duppy Dubz B2B Kaleid [Nu:Motive Showcase]

Hosted by Trafic, Y-Dott, Twitchee, Bluejay, Emcee Ellis D & Elkay

Room 2 – Hosted by Bristol Bass Collective (Jump-Up)

– Royle
– Kendrick
– Nightlife B2B Griffin
– Rhyflex B2B Cilit Dank
– Silent B2B Lezley D

Hosted By Charta & Catfish Bobby

TICKETS JUST £4 / £5 / £6 / MOTD

Blue Mountain Club

2 Stokes Croft, BS1 3PR Bristol, United Kingdom

Exclusive Guest Mix & Interview: Sicknote

Hey Lewis aka Sicknote!

How did you end up producing tracks, being a drum&bass DJ and also being a part of G.H.O.S.T? Tell us the the full story!

Hey!! Thanks for having me!

Has been a little while now, haha! I have been Djing for about 17 years and making music for about 8 or 9 years I would say. All started in Bournemouth for me, listening to tapes and then buying records from destiny and Avid records and then finally going out to raves when I was about 16/17. One of the first nights I went to was Destiny at the old fire station and I remember seeing Brockie and Mampi Swift for the first time and being fully in awe of those guys.

First memory of buying records was in Avid and Destiny in Bournemouth. I think the first record I bought was in Avid, DJ Zinc – reach out on True Playaz. Me and my mate used to start at Avid and then walk across Bournemouth town centre to Destiny and some times stop of at Standout on the way as well. Always remember Destiny, they would have music blaring out and you could hear it as you walked up the street. Good times!

As time went on I managed to play at a few nights in Bournemouth and put on a few nights myself with friends but nothing too serious. Around this time I was getting really into the heavy stuff, Current value, limewax and the whole therapy sessions sound. Me and my mate DJ Beast were playing at a few nights in town and abroad in Belgium for Mindsaw and I was keen to start making some tunes to play out. Started to play around with cubase and was also going to college studying music technology. 

After finishing my music technology course I moved to London to do my degree in sound engineering. By this time I had thought of selling all my records and concentrating on recording bands and making other electronic music but through the friends I made while studying I fully got back into drum and bass and bought my decks and vinyl up to London and started fully getting my head down into my course and making drum and bass. This is when the whole G.H.O.S.T project started. G.H.O.S.T originally was a 5 price crew which then later went down to being a 3 piece. Big shouts out to Tom, Will, Ben and Mathias! And that kind of brings us up to now where I’m mainly focusing on solo tracks and collabing with other artists and producers.

Where did you get the name Sicknote from?

My name comes from one of my favourite records by ed rush & optical on virus – sicknote/watermelon. My mate had the record at the time and we were playing it a lot when we were learning to mix on his belt drives & blue dog mixer set up on a old plastering table, which you had to climb underneath to get to the decks haha. Big up Dave!

What do you enjoy the most; producing, djing or raving?

I would say I like them all as much as the other, Haha. For me they are all a big part of the scene and the music we are into. I get the same buzz from Djing or being in the studio as I would if I was out at a rave.

For me the main thing that I enjoy is meeting and being with people in the scene. Whether this is in the studio doing a collaboration, out Djing or in a rave with all the crew at Launch or Rupture.

Do you have your own studio or how’s the set up like?

Yeah, well I have a studio setup in my bedroom. One day I will have a separate studio, maybe (that would be sick!)
I use a combination of computer software/plugins and out-board gear. 

There are some things I can do with my out board gear you just cant do in the box. I swear by my Mackie desk and EMU for certain sounds, especially on bass and drums it really does give this crunchy gritty sound I struggle to get in the box. Also at the same time, there are things I can do on my computer that is harder to obtain with gear (unless you have a endless budget for new hardware) so using both simultaneously is giving me good results at the moment.

What inspires you to make music?

Hmmmm, lots of things really. Films are always a good one for inspiring me to make a certain sounding track or a sound or sample I will hear in a film will make me think ‘yeah, I could use that or make a whole track out of that’.
Another one is going out to raves, this always inspires me to go in and try and make something like I heard out that night.
Also other people’s music from all genres. This always inspires me especially if you hear something and you think; ‘I can sample that and make a tune with it…’

Do you prefer to collaborate or making music by yourself?

I think I would say I like collaborating more. It is good to have two heads in the studio in terms of direction and making any decisions on wether and idea is any good or not. Along with having multiple skills and abilities in the studio to draw on.

Also it is just more fun in general than being sat in the studio on your own.

Not to say I don’t like writing solo tracks I just feel some of the best music I have worked on has been in collaborations up until this point.

What’s the hardest part of collaborating?

The only downside sometimes is when the person you collaborate with doesn’t say if they like what your doing or not. I prefer it if someone tells me if what we have made is shit or they are not feeling the vibe. This helps push the track forward and also can change the direction of the track completely.

Also good cups of tea got to be able to make a good cup of tea in the studio.

What else do you do with your life?

My life is taken up with music 24/7 at the moment. I work at SRD, which is an independent record distributor. I work in sales selling records to the independent record shops up and down the country. SRD sell drum and bass from the likes of virus/Dom and Roland/spearhead and Shogun audio to name a few along with a range of big techno labels such as Tresor/Ostguton/Kompakt. They also distribute everything from soundtracks and folk music to Punk and Metal. 
When I am not at work I’m either in the studio working on music or listening to records at home. Collecting records is a big passion of mine so I’m constantly on Discogs looking for records or when I can I will hit reckless and sister ray down in Soho to feed my addiction.

What did your family & friends think you’ll end up doing when you were a kid? What did you think yourself?

Haha! Not sure actually. I trained to be a carpenter when I finished school so I always thought I would do something with that. I was also a French polisher for a while but never carried on with it. When I quit that job, this was around the time I started college and decided that I wanted to take music a lot more seriously.

How would you describe your music?

I would say generally my music is quite breaks heavy and loud. Heavily influenced by the late 90s, from the likes of Dillinja, Optical, Technical itch and Dom and Roland to name a few. These guys are personal favourites and have definitely influenced my sound I think.

What’s in store for you in the near future?

I have a 12” coming out on Silent Force around March time and also a track on the next Dope Plates 12” which is out around March time as well, super excited to get these out there! Big shout out to Mark Cox and Alex Soul Intent!

I have a few more releases lined up for later in the year on Detrimental audio but I am not allowed to go into detail on them at the moment. Big up Will Token!

I have been collaborating with a lot of cool artists as well recently and hope those tracks get to see the light of day soon. Main goal this year is to work on as much music as I can.

What music do you listen to when you’re being ‘just’ Lewis?

I listen to a lot of techno when I am at work. Really into the Drexyia sound and the older Detroit techno from Juan Atkins and Jeff Mills, Shed is a sick producer, and his early albums are really good, the last Steffi album on Ostguton was amazing and I listen to that a lot. I really like the Empty Set releases epically Re-cur on Rasta Notton which is sick label to check out if you like experimental music.

Obviously I listen to quite a lot of Drum and Bass, haha. Lots of old skool DJ sets and tapes; these really inspire me to make music along with keeping up to date with the full spectrum of releases coming out.

Where and when can we see you play out?

At the moment I don’t have any bookings lined up, but I am sure something will come along soon. I would like to say big thank you to all the Promoters that have booked me recently though!

You’ve also done a mix for us, what can you tell us about that?

In the mix I have tried to play a mixed bag of music ranging from the mid 90s right up to the latest releases along with a couple dubplates that I cut recently. The Whole mix was done on the fly as I really don’t like planning mixes and I always try to play old and new records in my mixes as there are so many old records that don’t get played anymore that deserve a re-visit from time to time.

Hope you enjoy the mix!

Any famous last words?

Haha! Just to say thank you to you and Marry-Anne and big shouts out to everyone that has been supporting my music and me, means a lot. Too many names to mention but massive big ups to you all!

Special shouts to Will & Tom, G.H.O.S.T, Dissect, Mikey Soul Beat Runner and Rico

Follow Sicknote on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter Instagram

Paws Recordings

Skeleton Recordings

5 Essential Labels


Heavy on their ethos of ”Contemporary Jungle” Repertoire go from strength to strength each release. Starting out in 2015 they have been releasing quality, hosting artists such as Tim Reaper, ILK, Mantra & Artilect. Music they release locks in influences from Jazz, Detroit Techno and Ambient, allying them with rapid-fire breakbeats. In 2018 it will go without saying that this high level of character will progress so they qualify perfectly for being essential to your record collection

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2o2kATd



Eternia Music 

Lithuanian imprint Eternia are no strangers to pushing the boundaries and taking you on musical journeys. They have built a rep for brooding, atmospheric very well thought out year 4000 style D&B, while remaining very elusive within the scene they have been lurking since 2012 with a strong roster compiling of Loxy, Antagonist, Survey, Sam KDC & Overlook.

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2t4370P



Rua Sound

Straight out of Ireland this solid label brings the best fusion of Jungle, Hip-Hop, Footwork, Drum & Bass and Grime. Flavours from all over the spectrum align with artists like Sully, TMSV & Lewis James. There is more coming from them as they have bought in a Jungle only sub-label Foxy Jangle also they are set to be causing ripples for music lovers and collectors. 

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2F9kIb7



Delta9 Recordings 

German/Italian exports Delta9 Recordings have been flying low releasing solid full spectrum D&B now since 2012. Whether you are looking for tech rollers, halftime, liquid and breakbeat infused sounds, then they are for you!. Key artists include Mystic State, Conspired Within, Sl8r and Sentic Cycle

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/2EwAj7y



The Dreamers 

 This imprint definitely holds their own when it comes to consistency, putting out some of the most forward-thinking artists and tracks since their debut. Focusing on the wholesome side of the drum & bass scene, they have been causing a bit of a stir. The fact that The Dreamers has such a well-rounded roster, yet everyone still occupies their own spaces, is key. The roster includes HLZ, Corrupted, Kiril & Neve check out their new VA below.

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1UsNK7K